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Game changing for fussy eaters. A fantastic brand, all the way from the customer service, branding to the quality of products. He absolutely loves this stuff and you can tell the freshness even by just smelling it yourself. Could not recommend it enough!

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The best dog food we’ve ever tried. An extremely fussy puppy who licks her bowl clean after every meal…and has done for the last few months we’ve been using Marleybones. All other food she’d stop eating after 2-3 weeks. Super easy to order and delivery is on time every month. Very very happy owners and puppy!

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It’s great knowing where all the ingredients came from and that they are all natural. The website is easy to use and the food it tailored to your dogs age, exercise and size. Meaning you know they are getting all the nutrients they need.

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I researched so many brands and when I came across Marleybones I knew straight away that’s what I wanted to go for. I love how they use all natural ingredients in their salmon, chicken, beef and lamb meals and already had so many positive reviews. The fact that it can be stored in the cupboard is an extra bonus too!

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The best dog food in the whole world! I can’t recommend it enough! From the box to the actual HEALTHIEST ingredients of the food it’s all amazing. I only ordered the trial box and my fussy dog is in love, he gobbled it all down and I know I won’t ever order from anywhere else.

"All other food she’d stop eating after 2-3 weeks. Super easy to order and delivery is on time every month."


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4 tasty natural meals, soft training treats, food toppers and oils.

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Can I easily stop my subscription?

Marleybones subscription service is easy to manage. You can both push your delivery date or stop your subscription altogether. You’re of course welcome back anytime

Is Marleybones suitable for puppies?

Yes! Even the little ones are able to enjoy a full Marleybones menu. Each of our gently cooked meals have been developed to make sure your puppy is getting everything it needs to grow strong and healthy. Through our algorithm, we’ve made sure to adjust accordingly so they receive extra nutrition from the age of 2-12 months.

Do I need to freeze the food?

One of the benefits of Marleybones meals, is that you don’t need to clear your freezer for ice-cream and just need to store them in a cool, dry place. As a bonus, they take up much less space than the traditional and is easy to stack and store.

How is the food cooked?

We get in all our ingredients farm fresh and fill them raw into the cartons, seal the cartons and then we steam cook the entire carton from the outside. Steam cooking is one of the gentlest cooking methods, as it keeps all the natural moisture, vitamins and minerals coming from the fresh produce within the meals, locking in all the freshness, flavour and nutrients! Not only that, the moisture ensures optimal digestion and urinary function.

Can I receive a sample?

If you’re not quite ready to jump straight into your delivered meal plans, you can start your journey with our trial box including 8 meals for £25! Try 2 of each flavour before deciding whether Marleybones is for you. We do of course take allergies and dislikes into consideration.

Why is Marleybones more expensive than other pet foods?

Sustainable dog dining full of nutritious, locally sourced ingredients is reflected in the price. We want to make sure we’re not partaking in practises that is harmful to our earth. This is just a few of the things that we believe makes Marleybones well worth the cost:

1) We only use freshly prepared meat and fish and add lots of healthy veggies and superfoods on top of this.

2) Our packaging is made from mainly plant-based materials and is 100% recyclable and plastic neutral.

3) Co2 neutral, free deliveries is included in your subscription every month.

My dog is allergic and I don't want all four variants

No worries! When going through our nutritional consultation, simply click on the variants your dog is allergic to or dislikes. We will then make sure you won’t receive those in your subscription box.

What does it mean to be plastic neutral?

With Marleybones, we’re aiming to improve more than our dogs’ lives. We’re aiming to improve the lives of farming animals cramped away in cages, workers’ conditions and unnecessary waste. For every meal you purchase, we fund the removal of the same amount of plastic waste from landfills to be recycled and repurposed. By partnering with rePurpose Global we’re able to protect our vulnerable earth and all it has to offer by carrying a net-zero plastic footprint. Better for dog, better for the planet. 

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