Yaaaaay, a puppy!

We love puppies. Good news is even the little ones are able to enjoy a full Marleybones menu.

Through our algorithm, we've made sure to adjust accordingly so they receive extra nutrition from the age of 2-12 months.

Just make sure to update the plan every month for the first 12 months with your pups new weight, in order for us to update the plan accordingly.

Puppy Price Development

Oh no! Your pooch is too small

We’re terribly sorry but we don’t have a plan that fits your dog’s requirements. Your pooch is quite small and our cartons can only survive 48 hours in the fridge once opened. As your dog requires very little food, that would mean throwing out half a carton of food every other day.

Do contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Rest assured, we’re working on a solution that will accommodate even the smallest of the smallest pups!

Much love,
team Marleybones

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I have another dog

No problem! After you have finalized the first order for your dog, you are able to click 'Add another dog' on your profile and go through the nutritional consultation one more time! No two pooches are the same and that is of course reflected in their meal plans.

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