Get 20% off 1st + 2nd order + FREE treats for life
Get 20% off 1st + 2nd order + FREE treats for life



– As told by Marley

I am a bit biased, I have to be honest. She is my dog mum after all!

Josephine mostly talks about walkies, treatos, “where’s the ball” and squirrels. And now about the delicious food she created for me! When she’s not belly-scratching me or walking with me in Hyde Park, I know she’s working hard on getting all dogs in the UK healthier and happier!

She spent a long time finishing law school, but decided to take a new direction so she could entertain me 24 hours a day.

That’s how much she loves me!


– As told by Marley

When I see Mikala, my two-legged best friend, my tail does this tornado thing and I can’t stop whining. Very manly, I know…

Although living in Denmark most of her life, she is actually part English, just like me! When I was a small pupper, Mikala and Josephine lived 2 minutes apart and was a big part of raising me.

Her biggest dream is to get a dog of her own, but first we have to find a way to clone me, because she says I’m the goodest boy.

Mikala is a real number-cruncher and into everything financial, but I promise she’s soft and cuddly on the inside. You should definitely try her ear rubbing!