The Story

Hi there!

Thank you for reading, we’re excited to connect with you in our virtual space! We’re Josephine & Mikala, the founders of Marleybones.

Marleybones was created out of a real, personal frustration Josephine had with her own dog Marley. As it turned out, Marley was both fussy and had a sensitive stomach, which meant Josephine was changing dog food more regularly than Leonardo DiCaprio was changing girlfriends.

We found there was a huge gab between quality and convenience. Marley won’t eat and Josephine won’t feed the overly processed, boring kibble and sloppy wet food. There’s no space in the freezer for the healthier options and they come in single-use plastic pouches.

This was the beginning of Marleybones! Fresh superfood meals without any food prep or fuss, served in eco- conscious packaging.

Marleybones is the dog dining solution that’s better for your dog and better for our planet.

Our mission is simple: Do good. Feed good. Feel good.

xx Mikala, Josephine & Marley

The chic chicken menu

What’s inside?
Our chicken dish is packed with freshly prepared chicken and multi-tasking superfoods, including quinoa, kale, chia seeds and wild seaweed. It’s easy on the tummy while being a powerful joint supporter with chicken being a brilliant natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin: the building blocks of joint cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

What’s not inside

More information

Our beliefs

We believe dogs deserve the best! Marleybones dog dining is made from UK’s finest produce and is gently steam cooked to retain all the nutrients and natural flavour.

We take the freshest meat and fish, garden veggies and superfoods like quinoa, hemp and chia seeds to create honest, nutritious meals for our four-legged besties. All sourced locally from sustainable farms to help protect our earth and all it has to offer.

You get the same benefits of home-cooked diet, with the convenience of being pantry friendly. Simply grab your 100% recyclable and plastic neutral Marleybones box from the shelf and serve.

No label tricks. No preservatives. No hidden nasties.

Just because we believe dogs deserve to dine deliciously too.

Top tips

Your dog will get really excited when first introduced to Marleybones, but take it easy!

Your dog’s tummy might get upset if the diet is changed too quickly. We suggest feeding your dog a small amount of Marleybones initially. A few spoonfuls mixed in with what your dog is currently eating. Gradually increase the amount of Marleybones each day. Some dogs can be more sensitive and if your dog experience any runny poops it’s often a sign that they need to transition slower. Transitioning can take more than a week and it’s important to take it as slow as your dog’s stomach dictates.

PRO TIP: If your dog gets an upset stomach, try mixing in a bit of mashed sweet potato for extra fibre.

How often should I feed my dog?
For adults, we recommend dividing their total daily intake into two seperate meals.

For puppies under 14 weeks, we recommend splitting their daily intake across four meals. Puppies over 14 weeks should be given 3 meals per day.

How to make feeding times fun
With food this good, you might find your dog eating very quickly! Fun ways of slowing feeding time down include the use of Lickimats, Kongs and slow feeding bowls. You can also freeze these and it’ll keep them busy!

Behaviourists recommend feeding like this as it’s great for mental enrichment and dogs are more satisfied after a meal fed in this way.

Fussy dog?
For those who would turn their nose up at fillet steak, try adding a small amount of hot water and mix. This will bring out more of the flavours and aromas and will tempt even the fussiest of palates.

Recycling & plastic neutral

How to recycle your Marleybones packs
We chose the cartons for their low carbon footprint. The cartons are mainly made from renewable, FSC certified plant-based materials and are fully recyclable (essentially, it’s the carton that grows back!).

More than 94% of councils in the UK collect the cartons and at Tetra Pak’s own recycling plant the cartons are remade into new products like roofing tiles and toilet paper roll cores. Click on the button below and enter your postcode, it will show you how to recycle in your local area.

How to recycle

Plastic neutral promise
With Marleybones, we’re aiming to improve more than our dogs’ lives. We’re aiming to improve the lives of farming animals cramped away in cages, workers’ conditions and unnecessary waste.

For every meal you purchase, we fund the removal of the same amount of plastic waste from landfills to be recycled and repurposed. By partnering with rePurpose Global we’re able to protect our vulnerable earth and all it has to offer by carrying a net-zero plastic footprint. Better for dog, better for the planet.

Curious to learn more? Click on the button below.

Plastic neutral


How do I store my meals?

Our cartons are conveniently pantry friendly! Once opened, our meals keep fresh for another 48 hours in the fridge. Our unique cooking method keep our meals fresh inside and shelf stable without the use of any nasty preservatives.

What do you mean by 'dinings'?

Each carton of Marleybones is divided into 4 'dinings'. On the back of each pack of Marleybones packs, you will find our measuring guide. 1 pack (390g) = 4 dinings.

How is the food cooked?

We get in all our ingredients farm fresh and fill them raw into the cartons, seal the cartons and then we steam cook the entire carton from the outside. Steam cooking is one of the gentlest cooking methods, as it keeps all the natural moisture, vitamins and minerals coming from the fresh produce within the meals, locking in all the freshness, flavour and nutrients! Not only that, the moisture ensures optimal digestion and urinary function.

Is Marleybones hypoallergenic?

We are certain most dogs will thrive with Marleybones dog dining. Our recipes are easy to digest and great with sensitive tummies. We’ve made sure not to include known allergens like cereals (wheat, barley, oats and maize) and vegetable protein (pea protein, maize/wheat gluten and soya). Instead we use unprocessed, human-grade ingredients in all our single-source protein meals. If your dog should be allergic to any type of meat or fish, you will be able to exclude the variant from your dining box.

Is Marleybones grain-free?

Yes – all our meals are grain-free! Many believe quinoa is a grain, but it is in fact a seed that is harvested from a tall, leafy plant. Quinoa is actually more of a relative to spinach or beets. Because they are cooked like a grain, they seem to get lumped into the same grain category.

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