getting to know your pooch



Go through our nutritional consultation and see your dining plan created just for your pooch.



Select between our taster box and full or mixed tailored plans. Starting from £1.6 per day.



The doorbell rings, tails are wagging. Bone appetite! Your dog's box of food will arrive every 4 weeks.



No freezing or defrosting, easy to store and stack in a 100% recyclable packaging. Edit, pause or cancel anytime!


Plan options

All Marleybones

A complete, delicious dog dining experience with all daily recommended calories covered, as calculated through our nutritional consultation.

We recommend feeding your dog all Marleybones to guarantee that your dog gets all the essential calories, vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy diet – all day, every day.

… And don’t worry, we can still leave space for the usual couple of treats and snacks!

Mixed Marleybones

An alternative, where your pooch will get most of its daily recommended calories covered by Marleybones.

This is designed for owners who want to maintain part of the existing choice of dog food while combining it with Marleybones’ wet food.

This too can be a good option for you and your dog, however we will not be able to guarantee a complete diet.

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