Get 20% off 1st + 2nd order + FREE treats for life
Get 20% off 1st + 2nd order + FREE treats for life

Grain-free dog food

All you need to know about a grain-free diet for dogs!

Grains were introduced as a way to add bulk and filler to commercial dog food, and they have remained a staple ingredient ever since. However, dogs are not natural grain eaters and for most of their history, they have subsisted on a diet of meat and vegetables.


"I moved my cockapoo to Marleybones a couple of years ago now when he started to become fussy with meals & haven’t looked back. He loves this food, it’s easy to store, deliveries are always on time & it’s easy to manage your preferences online. Also, they are just lovely to deal with generally. I love knowing my boy is eating natural, healthy food."

Pamela Kimber

How Marleybones works

Marleybones offers convenient pantry fresh™ meals filled with meat, veggies and superfood.

60% freshly prepared human-grade British meat, garden veggies and superfoods.

Gently steam-cooked and great for sensitive stomachs. No nasties or preservatives, just the good stuff.

Simply create a tailored meal plan and get it delivered to your doorstep. Easier for you, better for your dog!